Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Style Sample Magazine

I've been featured in Style Sample Magazine under Blogs to Watch!

Click here to take a look at the magazine.


  1. OH WOW!! Congratulations!! This so so awesome... you completely deserve it! Yay!!

  2. You are very stylish and this is a well-deserved feature! Congrats!

  3. what!!! and you didnt tell me!!! how could you?!!! lol thats wassup lauren. im soooo jealous but still happy for you. you got in!! yea man!

    angie xoxo

  4. That's so exciting! Congrats!
    Dina's Days Blog

  5. Nice! Lauren, is this a 'mock-up' or 'dummy' or is this for publication? I am formally from the publishing business -- just curious.

    Regardless, this is quite an honor and as I've been saying now for about a couple of years...you should be very proud!


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