Sunday, October 31, 2010

The ELLEments of Personal Style

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I recently had the pleasure of reading the new book, The
ELLEments of Personal Style by Joe Zee and Maggie Bullock.
This book is filled with so many inspiring photos, great
fashion advice, and some really interesting facts about these
celebrities that I never knew before, like Christina Hendricks
was a goth as a teen. It's so hard to picture the Mad Men
actress wearing black lipstick and Dr. Martens.
And Olivia Wilde was married and lived in a "graffiti-covered,
IKEA-outfitted school bus." I think that's just awesome,
so very hippie-ish!

My favorite interview was with Erin Wasson. I found out that
I have a lot in common with her, and I love her even more
after reading this! She describes herself as a "walking contradiction,"
wearing sweatpants and heels. I love to mix different styles,
like wearing a floral dress and a black leather biker jacket, or
baggy, distressed jeans with a flirty, ruffled top.

She loves silver and turquoise, also my favorite metal and stone.
She says,"I just get up in the morning and get dressed. I don't think about it.
If I'm feeling lazy, I'm going to wear sweatpants." This basically
describes my mornings too, except that my lazy outfit is jeans and
a t-shirt.

She also gives some really good fashion tips:
"Never stress fashion. It's fleeting. You miss a trend one season,
there's always a new one around the corner."
"Always wear jewelry that can double as a weapon. Never know when
it can come in handy."

Here's a few more quotes that I found the most helpful:

"I leave things on hold for a week or more. If I don't keep
thinking about it, I don't need it." -Tracee Ellis Ross

"You can't let other people dress you. They can bring you
clothes, but you need to be the one who's picking what to
wear." -Ashley Greene

"Every girl needs a shoe that goes with nothing and therefore
goes with everything." -Becki Newton

"I polaroid my outfits... When you look in a mirror, you can
see your feelings. When you look at a photo, you see how you
really look." -Tracee Ellis Ross

"It's the woman you should remember, not the dress, ever."
-Diane von Furstenberg

"Always ignore the critics. Only mediocrity is safe from
ridicule." -Dita von Teese

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for writing a review on the blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


  1. I want this book! Looks like it has a lot of great inspiration :)

  2. Wow, what good quotes. My favorite was the Polaroid one, I can't wait to use it.
    And what a fantastic book! I would love to own it.

  3. We absolutely love this book! It has so many inspiring photos and quotes. We definitely say every fashionista must have it.

    -Closet Deep

  4. Excellent post! I will totally look for this book.
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  5. This was a great entry! I really want this book now!

  6. This seems really interesting.
    Oh, and btw you look really beautiful :)

  7. Great post! it seems such a good book!

  8. Seems like a great book!Love Erin Wasson!

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  10. love erin wasson so much!!!!!!!

    great style!

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  11. just got your comment on my blog! thank! yeah and i just check about the pic of Erin in the ELLEment... she's look gorgeous. is that book is really good??? if yes, i will buy it!!!

    ps: such nice, blog, i love your style. I'm following and i put your link on my page :) your style is such like Erin. I love it :) keep in touch! xo

  12. I want that book now! :)
    Great blog.

  13. oh, Erin Wasson is so beautiful and one of my favorite models :)

  14. I love Erin Wasson´s tips. She´s the best
    Thanx for your comment by the way, you´re very sweet

  15. Wow this looks like a fantastic book! I will have to buy it soon! I love Erin Wasson:)

  16. that book looks good; loving the quotes.

    p.s. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a vintage cross necklace if you'd like to check it out. :)

  17. "Every girl needs a shoe that goes with nothing and therefore
    goes with everything." -Becki Newton

    So true! Feel slightly better about my growing shoe collection now! ;)

    P.S. Great Blog - Now following!

  18. Great Erin Wasson she rocks

  19. I think I definitely need this book!
    the shots are great and I love this post!

  20. I want this book! thanks for sharing some of the photos. also thanks for such sweet comments on my blog. i hope you visit again soon

    xoxo Monroe

  21. love this. as soon as my book budget revives it self, this one's definitely on my list.

  22. wow i love those quotes!! especially the one about remember the woman not the dress because it's so easy to just see the material thing but so more important to see who is underneath it. i think i need to take a look at this book, thanks!

    xo jac

  23. oh i really love it
    must check that book out!
    by the way i have just followed your blog
    hope you can follow back if you like my blog :)


  24. Really great post. I love the fashion tips in the end and I love Erin Wasson! She's so beautiful and laid back. Thank you for your lovely comment! <3

  25. I definitely want this book!

  26. Could someone tell me other great fashion books to read for fun? :) Loved this blog btw <3