Friday, February 4, 2011

Recent Buys and D.I.Y.s

The thrift store I work at is the best! I found these things today...

And this is what I'm working on now.
Fringe necklaces, obviously inspired by the
Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 collection,
which I am currently OBSESSED with.

For this one, I borrowed the woven chain bracelet DIY idea from the blog,
HonestlyWTF, and I added the coin chain which was previously a belt.
It still needs more fringe, though...


  1. I love the bag. That DIY necklace looks awesome.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Wow this is looking amazing honey! Kori xoxo

  3. what a cute booties .... If if something like that come across my way next time I got to the thrift store, I will jump, literally JUMP over every body to grab them.
    ..... yes I saw the Cavalli collection and liked it a lot but I have a 'designer-Crush' on others this season.... I've had it for him before :)

  4. love the boots! they are amazing
    and that necklace you are making is so cool, thinking of maybe getting a little inspired by it and trying to make one like it :)

  5. i really love the necklace you made. so unique!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. The necklace came out awesome!
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  7. Hi dear! Amazing DIY!
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  8. amazing blog :D
    and U look so great ! ;*

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  9. You made that necklace?
    very impressive and pretty:)

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  11. wow that bracelet is really nice! will be awesome when finished! youll have to show it!! i wish i had the patience to do such things! i'm following you now! great blog!follow me pls!@ xcx

  12. yo tambien adoro crear mis accesorios, hacerlos unicos y a mi estilo!!



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