Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Remedy

A cozy sweater, pink champagne, and an evening of flipping through my favorite magazines.
I found this amazing sweater at my thrift store a couple months ago. It looks like its handmade.
Makes me want to learn how to knit...

Handmade? sweater; Tights and socks by H&M; Necklaces by Samii Ryan.


  1. That sweater looks so warm and cozy! That's awesome if it is hand made!
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  2. I love the patterns on the sweater, it looks so comfy :) xx♥

  3. I LOVE the patterns on the sweater as well...perfect for a snuggly, comfy evening!

  4. Thats what i like to do
    Get all cozy and cute next to some fashion magazines
    Cute pic:)

  5. I love the sweater and tights together I love reading magazines all night.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. I love your sweater and your rings!! Very cozy scenery :)

  7. This outfit is perfect.
    I love the sweater, what a great find!

    Love the scenery, you have a lot of dvds, thats awesome (my film studies major tells me)!

  8. Looks like a perfect, relax day.
    Love the color, the patterns and specially the neck of your sweater.
    I am sure we are all craving an afternoon like that.

  9. LOVE this outfit. That sweater is incredible and not only looks comfy and cozy, but very high fashion. I'm also loving the ring.

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  13. Love this sweater, and loved that you included pictures of you sitting looking at magazines, a passtime I think a lot of us bloggers do!
    xo Cara

  14. Looks like a cozy night in...I love your sweater! What a great swift find! :)