Monday, April 18, 2011


Here's a little more information about the incredible buffalo skull ring I wore in my previous post.
It's from the UK jewelry e-boutique, which just recently lauched their US website (Yay!!).
The collection includes oversized cocktail rings, statement pendant necklaces, and cut-out earrings in
polished brass, gunmetal, and lacquered materials. And the pieces are pretty affordable too,
with prices ranging from $11 to $125.

These are a few of my favorite pieces.

Buffalo Ring, $35

Armoured Ring, $35

Unicorn Ring, $24

Angel Wing Ring, $28

Stag Skull Necklace, $34

Skull and Cross Earrings, $20


  1. This collection is very intriguing. Some truly fabulous designs here. Thanks for posting, I'm going to check out their site.

  2. I have one ring with bing horns from galibardy, it's so fab but have destroyed many dresses.....

  3. these pieces are stunning, i love the buffalo ring!

    thanks for sharing,

  4. amazing!
    I'm obsessed with rings and these ones are awesome.. that unicorn one must be mine!
    thanks for sharing, I'll definitely check up this store.. stay cool!

  5. their jewellery is amazing! must admit im rather quite jealous of your buffalo ring, i think it's y favourite :) so sweet <3 xxx

  6. Amazing stuff. Love the armoured ring.

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  7. AWESOME BLOG! I think we have similar styles! :)
    LOVE RINGS and loving ALL of these! I want that unicorn! and I will be following YOU from now on!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, too! xoxo


  8. The angel wing ring is fabolous! Nice blog you have! Best regards from Norway

  9. Gorgeous collection. Loving the Stag Skull Necklace:-)


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  10. Someone said it above, but I was going to say these look like they may snag delicate fabrics!