Sunday, May 15, 2011

More pictures on Angie's amazing couch :)

Boots by Fahrenheit; Rings by Forever 21; All else vintage.


  1. Great photos. In love with that couch!
    velvet cupcakes

  2. love the couch. such a pretty color.
    it goes along so nicely with your outfit.
    that dress is amazing,
    and fits you so well.

  3. Awesome pattern! lovely dress and great boots = Fantastic look.

  4. I am so so obsessed with your dress! GAH!


  5. the boots are awesome!and also the dress:)

  6. Amazing outfit. i really love it :)

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  9. Amazing boots, amazing dress, amazing photos!!
    I love this post!
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  10. Lovely. I love the dress and you have such a special beauty...

  11. love the vintage dress!!! and i so love the couch!!!