Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Love: Fashionbater

My new blogger crush is Alexys from Fashionbater. This girl's got such an incredible
sense of style pretty similar to mine. I just want to raid her closet and
swipe her Free People clothes and all of her amazing vintage finds!
Show her some love!


  1. oh wow! she is adorable! I love her easy going free people esque style as well :]]

    Kayla <3 www.thenightmagic.com

  2. you are super sweet!!!
    this post is incredibly flattering considering your impeccable style and gorgeousness.
    soooo blushing right now...

  3. She is so awesome!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  4. Great pic selection and rundown on Fashionbater. Scrolled the blog and there's so much else people need to see. Thanks for sharing! Alexys is a fashion fox...

  5. oh i adore Fashionbater! her style inspires me beyond belief. thank you for featuring her!

  6. love love love fashionbater. I cream over the pics weekly.

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