Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How To Make Trendy Easter Eggs

This year, I borrowed the prints from some of my favorite leggings and decorated my Easter eggs with stylish prints and patterns. Here are the 6 ways to make your Easter eggs trendy.

1. Aztec

Use Sharpie markers to draw an Aztec design. Outline in black and fill in with color.
Aztec Colorful Leggings, Kloset Envy, $20

2. Crosses

Again, using a Sharpie, draw crosses and fill in the background.
Cross Print Leggings, Forever 21, $12.80

3. Ombre

Use an Easter egg dye kit (You can buy one at CVS for a couple dollars) to dip dye the egg. Leave it in the dye longer each time to gradually go from light to dark.
Ombre Dye Leggings, Tees by Tina, $45

4. Galaxy

Dye the egg a blue background, then sponge on a couple different colors of acrylic paint.
Galaxy Blue Leggings, Black Milk, $78

5. American Flag

Use colored Sharpie markers to outline the stars and stripes and then fill it in.
Stars and Bars Leggings, Nasty Gal, $42

6. Floral

Dye the egg a blueish-green background and then paint on roses with acrylic paints.
Fuschia Floral Stylish Leggings, Ami Clubwear, $20

How did you decorate your Easter eggs? Leave your links in the comment section below!

Check out my Holidays board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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